“I wrote most of this book whilst in a couple of different mental health facilities over the period of 3 weeks

i wrote it as an attempt to understand my current predicament and how it was that i ended up there

it is a mixture of my observations whilst in hospital and short essays written about the things that i obsess over

its sort of about trying to be an artist”

buy it here https://www.thisisunbound.co.uk/products/everything-in-my-head-at-one-time-in-my-life

“You can always count on Lucy Hutson to be Lucy Hutson.

In her performances she strips down through skin to bone to give us a glimpse of self without pretence or shame.  In this extraordinary piece of writing she bares heart and mind to walk us down the shadowy corridors of mental health. Like Lucy, Everything in My Head At One Time in My Life is unsparingly honest yet full of the warmth, humour and humanity we need to approach the things that could save us if they don’t kill us first.”

Lois Weaver, artist